It's a boring mundane update. Lo dee do... I still don't have phone or cable modem at the house. And while I have power it does neat things like dim all the lights when I run the washing machine. This does nothing to instill any faith in my power staying around for a long time or toughing it out through the next big storm we have. But so far, I have lights and a working fridge and a hot water heater, so life it pretty good.

In my many escapades to random stores this weekend I have realized that it's October now and that means there are tons of adorable Halloween decorations everywhere. I looooove Halloween and am a particular sucker for anything with black cats on it. It took much will power to not pile spooky cat figurines, spooky cat cookie cutters, spooky cat votive candle holders, spooky cat stuffed animals and spooky cat undies into the cart. I still bought some of those items, but restrained myself quite a bit.

Yesterday was kitty day in Richmond too. The PetSmart had adult cats up for adoption, the Ukrops grocery had cats out front, there were donation jars at every store and I swear there were people standing on street corners holding kittens out to the traffic driving by. Again, tons of self-restraint on my part to only come home with a new dog collar and lunch and not a car full of kittens. Meow!

I've developed a bit of a sniffle today and am trying out the Zicam homeopathic nose gel to nip it in the proverbial bud. So far, I don't feel horrible, so I'm optimistic. I've just been sleeping for 10 hours each night. That's going to make tonight interesting, being a "school night" and all. But maybe I've stored up enough sleep to hold me for a few days.

Rich's surgery went fine. I'll save any stories to tell for him. But other than being sleepy, he's been doing well. It's been a pretty lax nursing duty for me the past few days. Off to work on some shower technology.