I'm soooo sick of ISO Protocols right now.

I just got home from work. I'm tired, hungry and cranky. I called Rich and blubbered to him for a bit on the phone. But now I have to find dinner and pack. But let's not talk about work because it was sucky tonight. Let's talk about Vegas! I stopped by the bank at lunch to get cash for Vegas. Since I was withdrawing more that I could in a single ATM transaction, I had to go inside and write a check for cash. When the teller saw my memo of "Vegas money" she asked if I was going to Vegas. I told her I left on Friday and that I hoped to come back next week and deposit this load of cash and maybe some more if I were lucky. Everyone at the counter got very excited and started grinning. The manager counted out my hundreds for me. And they all wished me luck. So if I have the ladies at Bank of America backing me, I can't lose.

Tomorrow will be a hectic morning, a tedious plane ride and then a joyous evening with the Puddin'. I can't wait.

But for now, I'm off to pack!