Countdown to Vegas

So my mood has improved considerably. I am still counting the days (and dollars) until Friday but each day is going better. I found out yesterday that I didn't need to attend my court date for traffic court. My lawyer is going to take care of it for me. I guess I'll call tomorrow and find out if my orange jump suit is coming in the mail and if the county lockup has a network connection. But for now, I'm a free woman. So I was going a little fast. I have become the textbook example of someone who has more money than time, so as long as I can keep my license, I don't really care. Finding out I could stay at home and not drive to court in Booneyville was like a little gift yesterday.

Bossman and I worked all friggen weekend long, but the good news is that I think we're mostly caught up for the holiday this weekend. He and Mrs. Bossman leave for Vegas in the morning and I just have to hold down the fort until Friday.

I've found that there is really very little that a drive around in my car with the music turned up ridiculously loud can't cure. More power to rocking out in the Mini Cooper.