Wine setting in ... must sleep ...

I cooked dinner tonight. This is pretty momentous, in that it meant I was home early enough to eat dinner at the house and I was also home and not too exhausted to make anything more than a bologna sandwich. I even had a glass of wine (which I might have a follow up to in a bit). The dogs and I had a nice walk around the block tonight and I'm probably going to go to bed before midnight. Yep, it's been a good day. It's also been a crappy day in that several clients messed up their servers for no good reason and several clients called and said completely infuriating things. But I made it through the day and I'm determined to leave it all til morning. Tiny victories.

I'm literally counting the days til Vegas at this point. I've ordered our show tickets, am balancing the checkbook as I type, and sorting papers. Now just to pack and then wait until I can get on the plane. Given the week I've been having I need this trip. With the time difference and both of our hectic schedules it seems like Puddin' and I are communicating only by smooch-o-grams on voice mails and emails. Just one more reason I can't wait to get to Vegas. We will frolic soon enough, I'm sure.

I found out that after 9/11 you can't go down inside the Hoover Dam anymore. I guess I understand that in that one bomb could wipe out water supply, electricity and leave many many towns underwater. But it's a shame because it was very cool to see inside there. The neatest thing was all the inlay in the floors and walls. They all look like designs from an Ayn Rand book sleeve. I'll have to find my old pictures of them. It just feels strange to have seen and done things that people can't do today. I now have a "back in my day" story to tell.