So, I'm pretty much over FuckHead at this point. I don't have to deal with him much at all and Bossman does most of that interaction now. And due to this lack of interaction between FuckHead and myself, I'm pretty much able to ignore the fact that he enters my world or office environment. In other news, Rich has left for Los Angeles for two weeks. I'll meet him at the airport in Vegas Friday of next week and we will have three and a half days of throwing money in the street and frolicking in the desert. I'm looking forward to it but just have to make it through the next 12 days or so with just me, the dogs and the black goddess. I'm sad, but optimistic as always.

We should close on my house next week sometime. It was supposed to be this past Friday, but things got delayed. So closing costs and down payments are burning a hole in my pocket. Basically, I need to buy this house before Vegas or else I won't be able to once I get back. I hope I have more will power than that, but sometimes I wonder.

Diaryland has been pokier than normal these days. I'm not sure why I still use it other than a lot of my friends are still over there. Maybe I'm just more impatient than before (hard to believe). I've been slowly but surely moving over to LiveJournal, but old habits die hard.