DLand - Love and the Bandaids to Prove It

I got this from Kim: http://www.felbers.net/mt/archives/001610.html

I just keep thinking about Jon Stewart on the Daily Show saying that this whole gay marriage thing must be mandatory or else no one would care, right? I think homosexuality is great. I think gay marriages are great. That's about all I have to say about it right now. The Puddin' was at my house last night when I got home from my grueling day at work. I had left for the airport at 4am, trained in Atlanta all day, wore the wrong shoes and got two blisters, had my cell phone battery die in the airport, got delayed by several thunderstorms and dragged my ass into the house at 11pm that same night. But he was there and listened to my moans about my day, petted my hair, popped my blisters and tended my wounds. If you can find someone who will treat you that well, more power to you