I am so absolutely and completely exhausted. Actually, I think I'm beyond exhausted. I don't think I'll spell check this entry, I'm so apathetically tired. FuckHead at work has incurred my wrath yet again. He basically can not be in my presence unless his head is on a large pointy stick. I've never been so mad at another human being in a very long time. But there will be a phone call about it in the morning and something will come of it. I am so very tired of cleaning up after him and his continuous fuckups. Yet again, he has gone the extra mile to not just fuck up a database but put it into a complicated script so that the last command ... a sort of piece de resistance if you will ... is to completely trash said database over and over. Any idiot can fuck up a database, but yet again, you have to really be something to plan ahead and schedule it for the morning when you won't be in the office. That's okay. Genie will fix it if anything goes wrong. No problem. Sigh.

I have gone in circles in my head on what I hope to accomplish this weekend. And as of now I think it's going to be nothing. I might vacuum if the urge hits me.

My one bright spot today was that my new bag arrived. I ordered the Timbuk2 bike messenger bag that I've been eye-ing for a while now (ever since and I talked about bags at her place and I started researching them online). I must say it is a king among men of bags ... or something. Bite me, it's late. But my bag has a special pocket (that sounds naughty) and reflective strips and a "stabilizing cross strap" and is even left-handed. Who would have thought? All other bags pale in comparison.

Being that all I can think or talk about is how fucking tired I am, I haven't been much of a good conversationalist. This has made things hard, to say the least. Apparently my communication skills range from "not talking about it" to "wow, we didn't really need to hear all this" without a lot of in between. So I'm working on some listening skills. They didn't teach a lot of that in all my university classes. Guess that's a graduate level course.

But enough about me ...