I'm anxious to post today before it gets too late and I'm too tired to do so. I wanted to write last night, but could not keep my eyes open long enough. It was another late night at the office last night. And Bossman and I will be working again tonight. But I'm hoping that the month of August will bring good things. I'm ever the optimist. I've been having this distinct desire to get another kitten. I even dream about them. Something so small and feisty that his little tail can't curve and he hops rather than runs around the house, chasing string and mewing adorably. But I also fear that a second cat would cause the black goddess Isis to rebel and turn into a surly feline monster. She would again become the teenaged daughter cat I once had. And I don't know that I can go through that again. So for now, I browse pictures of kittens online and wander by the pet store in the mall "just looking."

Ugh, even now I'm too tired to type. So many thoughts running through my head and it's hard to organize any of them.

bought be a cd the other day in our shopping - the new Liz Phair cd (self titled). I'm really enjoying it so far. I can't stop listening to it and normally a cd will make me tired after a few dozen listens. But it's been the soundtrack in my head for a week now. I wonder how much of her music is autobiographical, because if so, man she's had a hard life. I thought the "even when I was 12" line from her first album was hard core, but the older she gets the more intense and crappy her life seems to be. Maybe it just means she sees a lot of things in other people and sings about them. One can hope she hasn't endured so much pain alone.

Overall I keep feeling the urge to post just because for myself I want to chronicle how I'm feeling these days. And it's pretty damn good. Despite anything that's crappy going on, I'm pretty jazzed about everything. A good piece of that has to do with the Puddin' and his fabulousness, but I also just think that I'm in a healthy stage of my life. Now if only I could get a tiny bit more sleep, I think things could be darned near perfect.