I'll get you, FrankenNeighbor.

It's me again, ranting about FrankenNeighbor. So I went over there tonight when I got home and looking in my trashcan that's on his curb. It's full of yard trash! Small limbs, twigs, leaves, dirt, you name it. He cuts up trees for a side business and I know he's just getting rid of all the waste that way so he doesn't have to bag it in clear bags for recycling. So not only is he a thief, but he's an asshole too. His other spare trashcan is also full of limbs and twigs. So he stole two trashcans and is now using them to put unacceptable trash in them. Bah.

I considered wheeling my trashcan away, but my luck, the city would refuse my trash because of its contents and I'd get a fine. And I'd be livid then. So I'm going to wait until after the trash comes in the morning and deal with it then. I didn't think 2:30am was a good time to be walking off with a heavy trashcan full of yard debris anyways.

Yes, I just got home from work at 2am. That's a whole other story. But we got the program to generate invoices. Now just to get it to print them in the morning.