I am squished into my office chair right now with Regan's crib directly behind me. The guys are playing Mech Warrior in the dining room while the girls are watching a movie in the living room. We have bought new bathing suits, outrageously colored towels and toys and are ready for the beach later this afternoon. Yes, it's a good day. Yesterday was a fantastic event. There were 15 adults, three children and four dogs in my house and yard. Kevin made amazing tuna kabobs and bratwursts while we munched on homemade cole slaw, mushroom salad and a bit of store bought potato salad. Ping pong, football on the beach and fireworks ensued. All is good in the world these days.

I've been playing dress up lately. And most recently it's been my "50's mom phase" as would say. I have a new lime green halter top and teeny shorts combo for all my sun bathing needs. Between that, the tortoise shell sunglasses and the hankerchief in my short hair, I'm ready to hop in the wood panelled family roadster to head for the Grand Canyon.

But for now I think I might lounge in the floor of the living room with some babies and store up some energy to frolic in the sand later today. Happy holiday weekend to everyone!