Heart in San Francisco, Kidney Stones in Tennessee

It's after my bedtime, but I can't sleep. The cat won't stop meowing, either on the front porch or anywhere in the house. And the dog won't stop pacing. It must be a restless night for all of us.I'm pretty proud of our tiny little company tonight. My employee called - or rather the site he was training called - to tell me he was headed to the emergency room. We later found out it was kidney stones. But in a short amount of time we had rescheduled his flights, cancelled his hotel reservations, called his girlfriend in South Carolina, and left messages for all necessary parties. He called me later tonight, doped up on morphine, to apologize for not finishing the training this afternoon. I was thinking about how my company really handled all of this well. We knew who to call (I had to look up his girlfriend's number online to find her but I knew her full name and address). We knew what to do. And we offered to get his girlfriend there to escort him home whenever he's fit to travel and stay with him there. It only made since with his being alone and miserable there and her being alone and miserable where she was. Big companies are cool and working for the government is cool. But I don't think the federal government would call your girlfriend on an hour's notice and offer to fly her out to see you because you feel bad. So I think we as a company rock. I think I can't sleep because I'm spending a fair amount of time thinking about other people's burdens today. I went to visit Rosine today and had a grand time there. It was nice to just socialize and putter. I got my embroidery tips I needed and we looked at random books and laughed and joked about her body bucket thing she has to wear for another six weeks. Maybe I'm just more comfortable worrying about everyone else than I am about myself. Their troubles seem a lot easier to solve. All in all, I wouldn't say I have many troubles lately either. I'm pretty happy all around these days and really feel good about the world. So maybe I'm just excited to be able to give some time to others now when I'm not feeling so low. My wheel of fortune is on an upswing.