DLand - Happy Anniversary to Me

It's my third anniversary today ... third anniversary with my company that is. Three years ago today, Jer and I packed up all our stuff and drove across the state to start anew. I think it was the very next day I was on a plane headed to our annual convention. That was the convention that we all fondly look back on as the one where I was ready to kill Bossman and Dan. I think the term “yutz brothers” was used at one point. They sent me home early from that trip. Probably for the best.And thus began what I later termed the Year of Darkness in my marriage and life in general. It sucked all around. Jer was in a new city basically alone and unemployed, I was living in hotels more than at home, we rarely saw each other and when we did it was not pleasant. Sigh, how times change. Every year at work is better than the one before. And I'm a naturally optimistic person. So I can see a day when it will kick ass. It kicks ass occasionally now. And overall my job rocks. Just sometimes it makes me very very tired. This weekend was nice if too short. I worked from “home” on Friday so we hit the road soon after 5pm to head to Kevin and Jake's. Kevin was ready for us with delectable fajitas and we marvelled at Jake's dedication to putting together handouts for her classes. I must be a slacker when it comes to handouts. But at least I was a slacker with pink linen hosen! Actually, I had stayed up too late the nights before getting ready for my class in general and handouts of any great detail were just not going to happen. So maybe next year. University was fun and I really really enjoyed teaching my class. It was titled “How to Get into a Man's Pants” but most of it involved “How to get Izzy to take hers off and show how they were put together.” By the end of class I had to take 10 minutes to get dressed again. Dinner was excellent but I started getting sicker and sicker as the evening wore on. By the time we left Thornbury Cottage and I sat in the car, it all just rushed over me and I fell apart. Hurray for the Puddin' going back for pain pills from Jake (Hurray for Jake donating her codine to the cause) and then driving me home in my doped up state. By morning I didn't hurt anymore but I slept I think all of SUnday except for one short journey to the kitchen for dinner. I'm just now feeling human again. All in all a good weekend and a good day, but I think I'm up for a nap.