DLand - RIP Audre Jr. (? - 5.12.2003)

We did all we could for her, but Audre Jr. nibbled her last shrimp today. She wouldn't eat on Saturday and again today. Kevin made a call to our sting ray expert but it was too late. When we got back from lunch, she had dug her own sandy grave behind the coral.And let me tell you, dragging an 18 inch long poisonous ray out of the tank from behind the coral is not fun. Again, I'm not sure how this is part of Kevin's or my job description. But she had to be put to rest in order to save the other fish in the tank. The good of the many outweigh the good of the ray. Other than that, the day went pretty smoothly. I had a meeting with my lawn care folks and for a not too nominal fee they are going to come out next week and do all the pruning, raking and tree cutting for which I have neither the time or desire. By next trash day, I should have an immaculate yard. I was even so inspired that I grilled tonight so that I could have steak and macaroni and cheese. Mmmm. Food of the gods. Ms. Bea got out of the hospital last Wednesday and seems to be in good spirits. She's sleepy from her medicine but still pretty perky all in all. I'm glad she's home. I'm off to the beach again with my hound to frolick in the sand. I'll cast a stone in the ocean for old Audre Jr.