DLand - Goal!

And I think to myself ... what an amazingly kick-ass weekend (apologies to Louis Armstrong).Saturday was so chock full of stuff that by 11 that night it was hard to recap all that we did. Rich and I had been moving since about 8 in the morning and it was a very full day. The first highlight must be that I actually played ice hockey. I put on gear and skates, put a stick in my hands, and moved a little piece of black rubber around the ice for almost two hours. This rocked on multiple levels. First, I didn't fall on my ass (well, once, but I think I was accidentally pushed). Also, my blood sugar didn't go low or high. A granola bar before starting and disconnecting my insulin pump seemed to do the trick - that and more Mexican food than I could handle afterwards. Not least, I scored a friggen goal! And Rich wasn't even humoring me. I actually successfully put a hockey puck in a hockey net behind a genuine hockey goaltender all by myself! It was pretty satisfying, I must say. We did some random shopping to round out the day and topped off the evening with SportsCenter and corn chips. We lived like kings ... damn hell ass kings. I got to spend some quality time on the beach again today. This is the perfect time to be on the beach and feel the cold ocean water on one's feet. I thought about our new sting ray in the office fish tank and how she might have friends and family in the bay. The damn fish (is it a fish?) is more like a dog that lives in a tank than anything else. We have to hand feed it now because it's undernourished and needs special attention. I actually stood on a ladder at the top of a 250 gallon fish tank tapping shimp on the glass to call over a giant ray to come bite it off the end of my plastic fork (yes, I know they're part of the shark family and could eat us all). I'm just glad feeding Audre Jr. is not part of my daily routine but only while I'm filling in for others. I found the world's cutest hat this morning. It's a straw cowboy-type thing with tiny shells around the brim. Sort of a cross between something for a cowgirl and something for a South American drug lord. I don't know if I should have a lasso or cigar in my hand while wearing it. But it keeps the sun off me and still lets air in and looks rugged yet irresistably cute, if I do say so myself. I walked over to my parents this afternoon to visit with Mom and Dad. I cut some peonies from the backyard and brought those to her in a homemade vase. It was nice to get some smiles from people driving by obviously aware that I was taking flowers to my mom. That or it was the cute hat - hard to say. Mom and I chatted and ate various snacks (of course) and just hung out for a few hours. She sprayed this tanning spray on my legs (the stuff that gives you a fake tan) and while I'm nervous about having legs colored like Dr. Zoidberg the lobster, it seems to be working well so far. All in all it was a hugely successful weekend. My shoulders are a little pink from the sun but if that's the worst thing I can come up with, life must be pretty good.