DLand - Mic Check - Nothing Interesting Here

Testing ... testing ... is this thing on?Ok, everybody, let's give this a whirl. I have had tons of entries in my head lately. And none of them make it online. I even wrote a very long post about the PATRIOT Act but it just annoyed the crap out of me. If you want my full opinion, just ask me. But I didn't feel up to the debate at the time. Overall life has been grand these days. I've had one of two low point, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm extraordinarily happy. Mundane updates ... My windshield is being replaced on the Mini because they cracked it while installing my roof rack (it's a very cute roof rack, by the way). Unfortunately, my rain sensing windshield is like the Rosetta Stone of BMW parts so it's taken them a week to get the part ordered. Ah, well. It will be nice and clean and beautiful once I get it back. Work has improved steadily. It's still busy as all hell, but we all seem to be getting along really well and that has made vast improvements all around the office. I haven't spent a weekend at home in over a month. Needless to say my poor little car has quite a few miles on it. Picked up my power kite from Jeremy's house on Friday. Need to check the lines and then hopefully use it maybe this weekend. It's the perfect time of year for it. I've been watching a hell of a lot of hockey lately. Between Rich's playoffs and the Leafs winning last night in second overtime, I feel like I dream games in my head now. It was painful to watch Jeremy Roenick wallop Mogilney in the kisser, though. I was pissed the Flyers were whupping up on our top scorer, but found it hard for Roenick to do any wrong in my eyes. He's like the second dreamiest hockey player in the universe. Ok, lunchtime is over and it's back to the mines. Hopefully I'll have some more insightful info soon.