DLand - Trying to Keep My Priorities Straight

I'm just ... weary. But I don't want to talk about why. It's the same story about work, only a different day.I want to talk about the great times I've been having when I'm not at work. It's hard to know where to start. I could list all the neat stuff I've been working on. How I'm feeling good because my own medieval hobby life is shaping up the way I'd like. I'm making good progress on the pavilion. I'm going to teach a class on hosen. I've come up with some ideas for the Oak newsletter that get me all jazzed. So I've been getting lots of good SCA vibes - at least in my tiny corner of the medieval universe. I try to ignore the crappy things going on that I don't like. I've been spending a lot more time around good friends. It's quite a joy. I've had several weekends now where Sunday night I lie in bed thinking “holy crap, what a great weekend. It doesn't get any better than this.” It's the closest I've come to using an ostensibly religious word like “blessed”. Makes me think about the ficticious city of Coolville - where all of your dear friends and family live within 10 miles of each other. It would have to have mountains and oceans and tall buildings and dense forests to make every one of our friends happy. But if Coolville could exist, man it would kick ass. Spring began on Friday and it really did seem like perfect timing. It was more than just the weather but like a fresh start or the beginning of a new season. The weekend was full of great memories. Playing video games that scared the crap out of me where boys yelled “nice shot, Pussyfoot” at me. Riding around in the sun with my bare feet on the dashboard. Desperately trying to convince Jake to cut her hair and dye it red while Kevin was at the event fighting. Calling Jason just to tell him I missed him. Reading BBC news reports out loud in the car. Starting an extremely intense discussion in the car with Rich about the nature of the Order of the Rose as a Peerage. Showing up to Corby and Thjora's in time to cuddle Regan then cuddle a bottle of merlot. Wearing Susie's WAY TALL shoes and not falling on my ass. Being too drunk to take care of myself and having someone there to take care of me. Falling asleep Sunday afternoon with the sun on my skin. Having far too complicated debates about comic book characters. Eating dinner with so many friends. Falling asleep curled up like a kitten after a long day of chasing string. I can see that my work week now is spent thinking about what the next weekend brings. I much prefer that to spending the weekend worrying about what the next work week brings.