DLand - Weeks at a Glance

I've been scrambling to keep up these days. Let me do the jiffy update on some stuff over the past few weeks. I've actually gone out and bought one of those “week at a glance” calendars like I had in high school to make notes of what happens in my life everyday. It helps me keep focus on things. And since I'm not seeing Gary as often it can be harder to recap my schedule. Anal-retentive, pack rat and influenced by librarians. I'm hopeless.ALA was nice in Philly except for the SQL worm virus. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday on the phone with Kevin back at the office. And Sunday, Bossman and I drove back from Philly that night to finish fixing all of our network that Cox messed up. Yay. So it was a long weekend. But I had a great lunch at Maggiano's and did my stage show for the Users Group Meeting and all was well. We worked the next weekend as well, hence my missing University. And it was a weekend full of foo and wah and communication issues. But it looks like things are picking up in that regard as well. I sold my brother my old Tivo in order to get my new DirecTV one. It's very nice other than being silver so it doesn't match my other devices. Ah, well. Made a pennant to Fedex to Susie to go on the vigilino for Andrew. I was pleased with the speed I did this one versus Rich's last year. Although, Andrew's was only one color and smaller. I suppose brevity is the soul of wit in pennants too, Corby. And that brings us up to this past weekend. Yes, it was very cold. But it was one of the best events I've been to in awhile. I co-chilled with Jeremy a bit until I couldn't stand the sulfer smell of the forge any longer. I was also pretty proud of him for getting second place in the thrown weapons tourney with an axe he had made himself. That's pretty cool, if you ask me. Now I just need to convince him to make me a pointy metal stick like everyone else wants. I got lots of Regan baby cuddles in during the night and day. Let me tell you, she was a heat machine and I wouldn't have given her up for anything. I would have put her on my toes directly if I thought I could have gotten away with it. And she gets the award for world's most low maintenance happy baby. Yesterday I spent way too much time researching and creating my character for our new D&D campaign. I even changed what region she is from because the technology and trade didn't match her background. God, I'm such a dork. But I'm pretty pleased with her overall. Here's to hoping we can keep a regular schedule for the games. That's the boring update on my life these days. I've become newly inspired to unearth my sewing table again, so great things (or maybe just pretty good things) may come of that soon. We'll see.