DLand - Running Cups

It's a quiet (but busy) day at work today so I've been rummaging through old music on my computer. This is a Good Thing (TM) as I have lost a fair number of cds around my house and the version on my computer is the only one I can find. Take that copyright police! Take it right in your fair use ear!Ahem. My mother now has a new minivan. It's not “grand” but has tinted windows to hide all her junk and has heat (unlike her last car) and no leaking windows (unlike her last car). Her automotive cup runneth over. I sense another family crisis coming soon. The junk is starting to pile up again and the stress level is rising. And while I can understand my parents' desire to keep things (I'm a card carrying packrat myself), there are limits to it. I don't think they should throw everything they have away. But there has to be a better way. Then again, I'm not really sure how many people have to be so involved in their parents' lives. I truly appreciate my parents and their endless generosity. Frankly both Jeremy and I could have had a hard time coming up with places to live during our separation had it not been for them. I mow my lawn with their lawn mower. I've borrowed their truck a fair share of times. And Mom became my own personal H&R Block last night. I guess I just need to remember more of those things when Daddy calls because he can't get to his email or Mom wants me to save boxes for her in my dining room. Despite all their quirks, my parental cup runs over as well.