DLand - Me and Monday Monkey

“Monday Monkey lives for the weekends, sir.”- Lela the cyclops space pilot on Futurama Today has just been one of those days. This morning, I left a pitiful note for the UPS guy on my front door begging him to leave my medical supplies on the front porch since National Diabetic Pharmacies mailed them to the wrong address and I couldn't get home to meet him and sign on the LCD screen (dotted line, be damned). I then rifled through my mail on the way to work to find a letter inviting me to jury duty. Much like the Simpsons episode, I would have been more enticed by a letter inviting me to be a part of the Justice Force that meets every Monday at 9am. It was a disturbing concept to read the letter Dan wrote asking to excuse me from jury duty or at least postpone my involvement until August 2003. The letter had words like “catastrophic” and “corporate longevity” in it. I think I'm supposed to be flattered by my crucial role in the company. But right now I just want a nap. We'll work up to a day off later. As if my day weren't just stellar enough today, I decided to do our taxes. And while I owe a fair chunk of change this year, I'm still a liberal (sorry Colin and FoxPhotog, I know you're disappointed). I can take solace in the fact that I have held on to this cash for over 12 months and done wild and crazy things with it instead of paying it to the government all along. Yeah, I can justify anything. One positive thing today is that my note to the UPS guy worked and he left my package for me on the doorstep. My weekend just went a little better than today did so far. But I didn't get home until after 7, so making it to Finnr's memorial service was not going to happen tonight. Maybe I'm better off staying home and remembering him and all his smiles on my own. I had a wild idea to post my blood sugar readings at the bottom of all my entries for a while to give a litmus test of my diabetes these days. But I just checked it and it's 44mg/dL. Did I mention it was 265mg/dL earlier today? Pardon me while I go eat something. I think I should get points for spelling all of the words right in this garbled entry if nothing else (that's assuming I did spell them all right).