DLand - I'm Making a Friggen House Here!

This is a jiffy update as I have more desire than time for this right now. We are in the throws of preparing for our big conference which is at the end of this week. I have a class I'm teaching on reporting on Thursday and I have yet to make handouts or finalize my agenda. Nothing like the last minute!This weekend was wonderful. We went to see the Leafs play the Capitals on Friday night and I had the pleasure of watching the Leafs be victorious. That was my consolation for being one of about 10 Leafs fans in the stands. We must stick together, eh. Regan came along for the game and she was an absolute jewel. She was obviously tired, but was less fussy than I think even I would have been in the same situation. Jason and Shannon have a fabulous little girl. Saturday was spent puttering about with Kevin and Jake and David while I built a house. Ok, so I sewed the roof of the pavilion together, but it's much more satisfying when I think of it as creating shelter rather than idling away at a sewing machine. Now to design the border for the roof and then I can build the walls in February. Jason and Rich worked on a shield and Shannon made the world's cutest garb for Regan to wear this weekend while Jake finished the fabulously red cotehardie. All in all we were kicking crafty butt. Sunday was spent watching sports and doing a bit of work online. I was hoping Philly would have made it to the Bowl, but I'm okay with Tampa Bay getting it. I was interested in the Raiders game, but fatigue took over and I literally fell asleep on the sofa in mid-sentence. “Wow that was a neat move I bet ... he ... *snore* ....” I barely remember going to bed. Contacts still in, socks still on ... I'm amazed I didn't have my ballcap still on. I regret missing Ice Castles this year. I would like to see that transition in person and congratulate everyone involved. But alas, work calls and I will be wowing librarians with my statistical knowledge and charms. Now it's back to flowcharts and database diagrams for me.