DLand - Fast Cars and Sass

Had a good day today, overall. Thanks for asking. Painted my nails Maple Leaf blue. I even went into Sally's Beauty Supply and held bottles of polish up to my jersey to make sure the match was appropriate. And it doesn't even clash with the car.We saw two more Mini's outside the Ukrops tonight. One was the dark blue (Maple Leaf even) and one was like mine. But neither had the amazing stripes or headlamps like mine. And I'm sure none of them had all the goodies mine did. But still I parked facing them so my little car could visit with them. They could start a gang. A British, miniature, heart-stoppingly cute gang. I think I'm going to make a t-shirt for myself to wear at work that says “I did all your work plus the giant pile of crap I have to do and am still done before quitting time. What the fuck did you do all day?”. I'm not sure how it would fit on the front though; it may have to wrap around to the back. Maybe if my tits were bigger I could fit it all on there. Stop thinking about my tits. Geez ... you perv ... P.S. I just noticed that Andrew added a super keen new feature of having private diary entries as well (for gold and supergold members). You can read all about it here. Man, that Andrew guy just rocks!