Corned Beef

For lack of more riveting topics, I'll share this little bit of culinary wisdom with you. Bossman and Mrs. Bossman invited Kevin and I over for lunch the other day. Somehow the topic of corned beef came up and Bossman's snicker caused Mrs. Bossman to get quite huffy (as huffy as the effervescent Mrs. B can get) and piqued all of our curiosity. Basically the story goes like this. Bossman and the Mrs. were eating at the Stage Deli in Vegas. Bossman ordered a Reuben and Mrs. B ordered a Rachel (made with pastrami instead of corned beef). Bossman: "Why did you get the Rachel? You never get the Reuben and it's much better."

Mrs. B: "I just can't imagine eating corned beef."

Bossman: "What's wrong with corned beef? It's good."

Mrs. B: "I know, but it's so horrible what they do to those cows, locking them up and making them eat nothing but corn all the time."

Bossman: " ..... (blink, blink) ....."

Mrs. B: "What?"

Bossman: "So ... where does deviled ham come from?"

Her rationale is that they didn't eat corned beef when she was a kid so she got them all confused (corned beef, corn fed beef and apparently veal?). That's her story and she's sticking to it. I'm willing to believe it.