DLand - Casting Magic Missile Into the Darkness

Howdy ho, good neighbors.Had a really good weekend. I got a little angsty about work stuff, which is completely irrational since it's the weekend and I should either just do something about it or let it be. But overall I didn't let it bother me. And even though my co-worker called in sick so I've got to bend space and time today to get stuff done, I'm feeling pretty good about the world. We watched an awful lot of football this weekend. I've found that I know things about football now that I never would have thought I could keep in my brain. I know all about weather versus prime time tee vee slots and all the parity of the teams. Yep. It's all about parity these days. This is actually my new word. So if I'm ever in a sports bar and cornered to give my opinion on professional football, I can espouse on the parity of the teams and how this is good for the casual fan, but frustrating for the avid fan (as well as the gambling circuit). It was a weekend of games all around. Friday night we fought off some ant-men in our little DND game. Saturday we battled for the One True Ring until 1am playing Lord of the Rings Risk. And Sunday we played this card game called “Five Crowns” (which originally was titled “Shawn's Game” since he was the one who taught it to us). There was even a rousing game or two of backgammon. All in all, I was also impressed with the parity of our games as well. Oh, and I painted my fingernails electric blue to match my new car (whenever it gets here).