Throwing Money in the Tank and the Streets

So we bought this $150 fish for the tank at the office. And last week it's as if some plague hit the office. Every last fish in the tank died. The people at Animal Jungle say they're going to "help us out," but we basically lost close to $300 worth of fish in a 12 hour period. He was a good fish too. Sigh. It brought up the conundrum of what one does with a sick fish that's so expensive. Like do you put it in a bucket and take it to the vet? We hadn't even named him yet. Poor fish. Tomorrow we're off to Atlantic City for some gambling and relaxing at the penthouse. I was just balancing the checkbook today to see what kind of bankroll to take. So far, there should be enough cash to cover us for the 18 hours we'll be there. Not sure when we'll sleep, but that should cut down on a few of the gambling hours.

Genie: "I can't believe you've never been to a casino."

Rich: "Jesus, it's not like I've never read Tolkien."

So I'm getting the Fellowship of the Ring on CD to listen to in the car and we're going to try our hands at the craps table. Whoo, baby, gonna roll a ten the hard way ...