Good times .. good times. I managed to finally finish all of my Christmas shopping. I have a bit of baking to do, but other than that, it's good to go. Tried out the new jelly roll pan yesterday and it worked really well. Not sure that it was worth the insane price it costs, but it was a damn fine cookie sheet. Today it's off to Richmond for a Christmas dinner. Byron's mom is cooking her World Famous Lasagna (tm) and we're doing a tiny gift exchange. Should be fun. Then I have to finish some baking and grocery shopping in the morning and wrap presents like a mad woman to have them all ready for Christmas. I really do love wrapping gifts. It satisfies that anal-retentive part of me while being festive and fun all at the same time. What's not to like?

Mom and Dad have a Christmas tree this year. Mom found a fake one on the trash when the neighbors moved and they have set it up in the front yard. As Mom said today, "I think it's the prettiest tree we've ever gotten off the trash." I'd have to agree. It is rather fine (the neighbors were moving so it must have not made the cut). And it even has ornaments on it. The front porch looks rather fancy chez Mere and Pere.

We're all supposed to have Christmas breakfast and dinner at my place. Holy crap, I have a lot of cleaning to do. Ah, well, it should be a real treat. So now I'm having the anxious feeling of wanting to get out of here so I can hurry up and get home so it's that much closer to fun gift opening and giving time!

Sarah was having a dream last night on her little doggie bed. She was all curled up like a deer with her head tucked under one paw. And she would occasionally yip in dreamland like she was chasing bunnies in the snow. It was just so cute one might fall over from the sweetness.

Speaking of cute, we played Hello Kitty Astrology Rummy last night. Whew, the pictures are so sweet you just feel like they're dipped in chocolate. Between that and the Simpsons Uno game, it was a cartoon cornucopia. I also found I'm a lousy loser. I never thought I was that competitive, but when Sideshow Bob's Draw 4 screwed me over I really did get a sour face. Good thing there wasn't any money riding on these games.