DLand - Crabby Day at the Office

It's after lunch and I have stone crab claw bits in my hair.John brought back stone crabs from Boca Raton today and that's what we had for lunch. Well, that's what everyone but Bossman had (he's not a big seafood fan). It was tasty but very very messy. Mrs. Bossman managed to hammer her claw a bit too enthusiastically and covered me in crabby goodness. The UPS delivery guy showed up while we were in the middle of eating and was kind of taken aback at our spread. He said we must be doing well as a company if we were eating this well for lunch. I suppose that's true. We've got a training class here in the office tomorrow so everything is spruced up for it. It's looking pretty good around here. Granted, most of my stuff is crammed in a lateral file out of sight, but to the untrained eye, we look organized and tidy. Muahahahaha. I'm hoping to get some holiday shopping done tonight and tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. The office party is on Saturday night and I have to finish my shopping. Wish me luck. I'm going home soon to wash my hair.