DLand - My Ass Will Follow?

It's feast or famine these days, I swear. No one called at work yesterday and when I left for one tiny hour this morning for a doctor's appointment, all hell broke loose. That and my office has turned into a sauna while the bathrooms could be used for hanging meat. Bossman says it's just the pressures of responsibility while he's been gone for two days.We're under strict orders to not open any packages that may be coming to the office in the morning. They may be presents. But if they are opened without approval, they're not our presents. Ooooh, speaking of presents, I bought myself a toy this weekend. After shaking my ass all Saturday, I decided to make a habit of it and got the new Dance Dance Revolution game for PS2. And two dance mats. Now just to engineer a dancing platform to keep from having the mats slide on the carpet. But after playing with Kim before, I've found it's a real workout. Speaking of workouts, I found this article in a magazine in the doctor's office today. I'm sad I didn't think of this myself. I mean really ... punk rock aerobics! Bloddy Mary's are served before the morning work outs and you can join a mosh pit before noon - all in the name of fitness. Now I just need some knee socks and more piercings. “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” Indeed.