DLand - Two Weekends of Rockin' Out

Out I've been a busy little bee lately and have not shared any of it with you guys in my online community. Bear with me while I attempt to catch up on two weeks.So last weekend was Crown Tourney. I went. I didn't freeze. I cavorted with Kevin and Jake and many folks who I haven't seen in ages. It was a blast. Sunday was a “surprise” (nothing to see here - pay no attention to the dozen cars in front of Gen's house - but be here at 1pm) engagement party for Beth and Steve. It was a grand time as well, full of fabulous munchies and lots of laughter. But I had to hit the road to get to Richmond. Sunday night involved going to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Canal Club. There were, however, three opening bands for them. It was a cornucopia of punk rockin'. There were several highlights to the concert. First, Ben was amazing. His official title is “Bosstone”, but his job description basically involves dancing around the stage like a maniac. He plays no instruments and rarely sings. But he rocks. Originally, he was put in the band because he was underage, and it was the only way he could get into the shows in bars. And he just stuck around. It has to be some sort of dream job. Not only is it a great workout program, but he gets paid to rock out. That's more a dream job than being a porn star or video game tester. Amazing. A close second to Ben was the old lady at the show. I swear, there was this white-haired grandma with the comfortable shoes and cane and cardigan sweater rockin' out with the best of them. I was surprised she wasn't in the mosh pit except that her cane might have given her an unfair advantage. I'm convinced that her grandson was one of the guys in all those opening bands and she was there to cheer him on. I'm not sure I could handle this old lady being a Ska-core groupie. There weren't enough safety pins or zippers on her cardigan sweater and I didn't see any tattoos. Maybe they were all under that sensible skirt she was wearing. You go, granny. The last highlight was Dicky getting punched on stage by a drunk redneck. He sort of instigated it, but there was no need for drunk redneck to get violent on him. Dicky claimed that he didn't show to be much of a scrapper in the encounter but at least he could take a punch. Needless to say, drunk redneck and drunk redneck girlfriend were asked to leave and the evening continued on. This weekend also proved to be more fun than one girl should have in one day. I had the pleasure of seeing my Mistress exchange vows with her sweetie on the most gorgeous day in November ever. All the trees were changing and the temperature was just right. Beth was radiant and Steve was amazingly handsome. But most of my fun that night came from all my friends and the dance floor. Holy crap, I danced my heart out all day and all night. I have sore legs and arms and shoulders today to prove it. But it was probably one of the best days I've had in a long time. My monkey hat got lots of use throughout the day and I nearly wore holes in my monkey socks cutting a rug (cutting linoleum? ... whatever). I also had the joy of meeting and chatting with my apprentice sister, Lucretia Isabella, during the reception. She is a real gem and I'm glad she's in our happy little band. Hopefully, I will get to visit her on her turf soon. Other notes from the evening: Gyrth and Mel are fabulous dancers. I get an A for enthusiasm, but lack their skill. One day, perhaps. Wendy looks adorable in my red hat. Drinking beer in a dress while swinging on a swingset is easier said than done.