DLand - Show Me the Dinero

Went to the ATM last night on the way home. I bank with Bank of America. They're sort of the Borg of banking in the USA. Resistance is futile. Your checking and savings accounts will be assimilated.Anyways, the Bank of America ATMs ask you right after entering your card if you want to proceed in English or Spanish. I've always thought this was kind of strange, in that it's one more button to push to get money. But I generally roll with it. Last night, however, I missed and hit the Spanish button. Suddenly I was whisked away into an alternate universe of fiduciary electronics. I considered cancelling and going back to English but figured I only wanted Fast Cash and it shouldn't be that hard. I took Latin. I can figure out another “Romance” language. So I forded ahead. I was looking for Fast Cash but was not sure what it's supposed to say on the screen. I found something that looked familiar that said Peso Pronto or something like that. I pushed that button and there was a positive little beep of acknowledgement. No “Yippa! Yippa! Yippa!” at each screen. Just a beep. Ok. Fair enough. The screen then lit up with various denominations. I was a little concerned the display would read in pesos and I'd have to do come quick currency exchange (thereby eliminating the fast in Fast Cash). But things seemed to be in US dollars. I got my receipt, card and dinero and was out rápidamente. All in all a very cultural experience. Between that and Don Pablos for lunch, I feel like a veritable international citizen.