I'm coming back - slowly but surely

Oh my god, she lives. My writing muse has been in a box for several weeks. I've just been getting my ass kicked at work and have wanted to spend any extra time I had sleeping instead of writing. But I'm coming out of the fog, really I am. Spent this past weekend chez at her and Pam's birthday bash. There were a ton of fabulous folks there. I had a blast. Unfortunately the previous nights lack of sleep (had about 3 hours all told) took its toll on me. But I'm hoping to make a habit of co-chilling with the gang up there.

Spent all of yesterday in bed. It was divine. I felt like death warmed over that morning and decided that the world would have to survive a day without me. All in all, the world and I are better off for my staying in bed all day.

The office move is making great progress. We should be moving into the new space in about a week and a half. In the meantime, I'm living in the conference room. It's sorta like working out of a very large closet in that all the furniture from around the office is stuffed in here. But it's a closet that's all mine and that's pretty keen.