DLand - Steel on Flesh

Jay the Piercer: “Hey, how can I help you?”Me: “Yeah, I think I want to ... well, I know I want a new ear piercing. I want to pierce this thing.” (pointing to that little thing at the front of my ear) Jay: “Ah, your targus?” Me: “My what?” Jay: “Your targus.” Me: “Yeah, that thing.” We chatted and made small talk. I told him about work. It only took a few seconds. Jay: “Ok, take a deep breath and hold it. It will all be over by the time I count to three.” Me: “Um, ok.” About 5 seconds or so of slight discomfort mixed with glee pass. After he's done twisting my ear all to hell, he blurts out “123!”. Uh huh. You so funny. But I was very brave. It didn't hurt at all and it's healing nicely. I'm building a relationship with him and we might work up to more exciting piercings one day. But for now, I'm pleased with the glint of steel on flesh around my face.