DLand - Lame Entry - Nothing to See Here

Man, my shoulder hurts. Leave it to me to hurt myself at an event where I ostensibly had absolutely nothing to do. I suppose it could be worse. At least it was a fighting event. I could have hurt myself at some Unevent.I don't think I dislocated my shoulder. I just think that my right arm just tried desperate to secede from the Union of Genie with only the point of my shoulder to keep it in place. That will learn me for getting a little overzealous in taking down Gina's pavilions. But hey, they're in one piece and have not footprints on them and hopefully are dry now. I really do love the rain. I was perfectly content to tromp around in the outdoor shower that befell Richmond Saturday afternoon. It was kind of pleasant. Makes me realize how little rain we've had lately and how much I have missed it. There was more crawling around in the attic today. Ooo Eee Eee. The only flaw in this plan was that it was approximately the same temperature as the sun up in our office's attic and I was wearing jeans. Made me wish I had some tear-away pants like those Vegas dancers have so I could cool off. This is a lame entry, but I'm rusty after my writing hiatus. I'll get back in the swing (Ooo Eee Eee) of things soon. Everyone has an off day, now and then.