Keeping it Real - LJ Style

It's like ... it's like the longer I go without updating the more shit that goes down and the more it just seems too daunting to cover it all. This is how people fall out of writing. But it's good shit going down. My carpet was installed Monday morning. It is gorgeous. Only one room, but that room is fit for royalty - or a soft side waterbed. I picked up my frame yesterday morning and it is very pretty. A little darker than I remember in the store, but it will all work out. I even tried to shop for a stand for my electronics but realized I couldn't make a decision without having the dimensions for my abnormally sized receiver in hand. Poo.

Found a cool little canvas bag to carry my assorted crap around in. I'm even tempted to give up the little purse-type thing I have in favor of this more cumbersome bag of holding. It would make a good movie concession smuggling bag, though.

Saw Men in Black II last night. It was not amazing, but very cute. I must admit I'm more attracted to Tommy Lee Jones than Will Smith. Deadpan humor is hot.

This past long weekend was a real treat. I can't say I moved any mountains or toured the Indies, but I did putter quite a bit and had a good mini-vacation. I didn't even see any fireworks, really. At least none that were professional. I've been spending a lot of time down on the beach at night. It's so gorgeous down there. Sarah can frolick off her leash and I can frolick at the water's edge and just listen to the water lap at the sand. Why would anyone live anywhere else?