DLand - So Close, and Yet So Far

I almost went to Vegas next week. For work, no less. The first class tickets were on 24 hour hold. The seats for Mystère had been picked out and were on hold. I was researching the Circus Circus roller coaster. I was even considering postponing my new bed purchase so I could better finance my gambling habit. And in one email it all went away.The customer has decided to wait til August for their install, which means we don't have to make an emergency trip, which means no bright lights in the desert for me. At least not this month. Le Sigh. Bossman and I are sulking mightily. I did find out that I have enough system upgrades and miles, though, to send me and one lucky guest first class somewhere. Actually, I'm about 3000 miles shy. So now, need to find a random flight to take to get enough miles for the free flight. I can justify anything. So now we're consoling ourselves with plans of going back to Atlantic City soon. I got a letter in the mail offering me free stuff and cash. These people are wicked, I tell you. The only thing that really bugged me, though, was the envelope and the letterhead had two blue-haired old women on it laughing and gambling. This was my first clue this was something from Atlantic City and not Vegas. Vegas would have half-naked women on its letterhead. I want to keep company with dancing girls and not bridge club ladies. Ah, well. I have to take what I can get.