DLand - Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

Bossman told me yesterday that you have to be willing to let things go down if you ever want them to go up. Holy crap, have I been going down lately. Wait ... no, that sounds bad. We were talking about pecuniary rises and falls.So needless to say, I will be getting to know my neighbors for a little while longer as the privacy fence fund didn't really happen. Wow, I threw a lot of money in the street. Didn't come home penniless, but the bank roll I allotted myself went away almost completely. Last night was bad. I would put $20-$40 in a machine and it would happily take it and ring it's little bell and that would be it. I would get to push the happy yellow button about 10 times or so before it would all be gone. I got fucked (proper fucked, Tommy) by the Jokers Wild game. Double-down is not your friend. I just can't say no to the chance to double my money and it would all go away very very fast. So sad. This morning (what day is it again?) was better in that I could make $20 last a good while on the poker machines. But the I Dream of Jeannie machine was kicking my ass regularly. I would keep going back to it, though, just to hear her tell me “Good luck, master.” I'm that Jeannie's bitch. I didn't even attempt the craps table as they were $10 minimum bids and given my luck this trip, I would have cursed the entire table. Craps is a game at which you can have a grand time losing, but I just wasn't ready to part with that much cash that quickly. Girls can't throw dice anyways (categorically speaking, there are some good dice rollers out there). The new tower of Harrah's at Atlantic City is very grand. It's no Venetian, but it's as close as one can get within driving distance from home. Bossman, Mrs. Bossman and I drove up the Eastern Shore and crossed on the Lewes Cape May Ferry. That was kind of neat as it broke up the trip some and we could relax and play cards in the middle of the trip but still be making progress. My whole sleep schedule is whacked now, though. I didn't go to bed til 3 last night and then got up at 7:30. I think I fell asleep in the car some on the way home, or it could have just been that all of the Eastern Shore of Virginia looks so much alike that it was hard to tell. The best thing we saw on the road was Farmer Girl's Exotic Garden in Lewes. I'm not sure if it was a greenhouse or a restaurant or ... who knows. But man, what a rockin' name.