DLand - Playing to Win for a Change

So I've been practicing for Atlantic City. Tomorrow night I will be leaning over a craps table yelling “Come on, sevens. Mamma needs a new privacy fence!” Yes, I am going to Atlantic City to win myself a privacy fence so I don't have to look at my neighbors anymore. Must have priorities.So by Sunday I will either be independently wealthy or eating ramen noodles for the rest of the pay period. Let's hope for the winning streak. So far in my practice runs of Double Double Bonus, I've been failing miserably. I've found that with video poker, there is at least a bit of skill involved. One must know which cards to keep in order to maximize one's chances of winning big. Sure you can keep the two 8's and hope for a three of a kind (pays 15) or you can keep the four spades and hope for a flush (pays 30). I seem to have pretty good luck with holding the Ace and drawing three more and a 4 to make the machine light up (pays 2000). And never ever try for an inside straight unless you want to throw your money in the street. It's all a matter of risk versus reward. Sometimes the house just deals you garbage, though, and you have to close your eyes and pick a lucky card. And you should always bet the max bet. Sure, the money goes away a lot faster, but there's nothing more bittersweet than getting a royal flush that only pays 250 instead of 4000. Man, if losing money is this much fun, I don't know what I'll do when I win. I'll find a way to cope. To paraphrase Donald, I won't be “playing to lose” this weekend. I'm much better at video poker than hearts anyways. Woohoo! I just won 2400 credits. On that note, I'm getting out of here. Have a great weekend, y'all.