(sob) Pinchy would have wanted it this way...

Is there such a thing as stopping the world so you can get off the ride? Everything seems to just be a blur to me. I have a hard time grasping what day it is even. Working through the weekend at ALA didn't help. Staying up really late these past couple of nights is catching up to me too. Sigh. I feel like a bowl of Jello. Green Jello - but Jello all the same. I just finished an hour long conference call where I literally was holding my eyes open for parts of it while I listened to the conversation drone on and on. Bossman asked what I wanted for lunch and I said just something that will kick me about every 5 minutes to keep me awake. That dissolved into a discussion of Homer Simpson and his pet lobster, Pinchy.

Much like the Bible, there is a Simpsons episode for everything in life.

Oh, and extra credit if you can find the split infinitive in here. I'll stop fixing my grammar mistakes and just use them as learning tools.