Weekend Update

Ok, a quick update on my past few days. Went to ALA and it was good. Had lunch with my Mormon and he gifted me with an Olympic pin shaped like a bowl of green Jello. My Mormon rocks. Ran into James and Mitake on the exhibit floor. That was a pleasant surprise. Out of the thousands of people there, I never expected I would actually see folks I know who aren't in my company. That was a treat.

Cake concert was cool. I had to close my eyes, though, to pretend that John McCrea is hotter than he appeared to be on stage. John looked like he had rolled out of bed to walk on stage in the over-sized stained t-shirt and wrinkled khaki pants in which he slept all night. But the music was good and free and close to my hotel. It was perfect.

We ate at Po Folks because Bossman insisted. It was good, but not a very low-fat meal. But I worked off some of it at Dave and Buster's. Got Bossman to play Jurassic Park shooting game with me. It's the kind where you sit in that booth with the curtains. He jumped nearly out of his skin when this 8 year old boy walked up and grabbed his arm trying to climb into the booth. Suddenly the dinosaurs were getting much more realistic. He also agreed to play the 18 wheeler driving game with me. They claim it is a two person game. I steered and worked the pedals while Bossman shifted gears and honked the horn. We made quite a team.

Sunday teetered on the edge of a horrible mess. But I managed to pull it together and several of my co-workers bailed me out at various times. We were experiencing "technical difficulties" for some of my demo. That and I was having a bad hair day. But we celebrated the success of the meetings by going to the Marquis Steakhouse where I ate a Cajun Seared Cowboy Ribeye the size of my head. I asked that they leave off the cajun. Dan added, "oh, but she still wants the cowboy." I'm not sure what part of my ribeye was the cowboy part. Maybe the caramelized onions on the side?

Had coffee and dessert and my coffee was more like a tray from Beakman's World. I had my own coffee pot (those funky European kind), chocolate covered coffee beans, sugar crystals that looked like Draino or crack, and little tiny cinnamon sticks. My coffee setup was quite the centerpiece. Ooh, and sorbet that would make you would fall out of your chair. Needless to say, I'm not eating again until Thursday or so.

And the flight back was pleasant. First class, baby. We have a new printer in the office that was delivered yesterday and we will probably spend most of today playing with it. It is large and fast and very colorful.