DLand - Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's having a hard time these days. His job is giving him the runaround and he is working to keep that job while not be completely trod upon. Easier said than done at times.I am, for all intents and purposes, a Daddy's Girl. We are very much alike in many ways (both good and bad qualities) and I can see so much of myself in him everytime we interact. One thing that has most impressed me with my father is his self-sacrificing nature. He has never denied anything in his power to his family or friends and even to many strangers. I have always found it to be one of his best qualities, despite the frustration it can cause him or the rest of the family at times. When my father lost his job back in 1994 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a hard year for the whole family. I had just left for college and it was my first time out “on my own.” I can only imagine how my father felt that year. The mortality of his wife - the love of his life - and the absense of his little girl weighed heavily on him. Adding to that was the fact that he was without a job (or two or three) in almost 50 years. I became accutely aware of my father's vulnerability and weaknesses in addition to all his strengths. He was not as perfect as I had always imagined. He and I butted heads on several points during that year. I can remember a very painful conversation with him on the phone where I actually hung up on him in anger and frustration. Much like tugging on Superman's cape or spitting into the wind, one does not hang up on my father. Wow, that was a long night. Eventually we worked all of these differences out and he supported me in my decisions despite his reservations. I love him dearly for that. And that year for us really opened my eyes to his distinct personality and humanity. I am closer to my father now than ever before. And I see us only getting closer. We seem to be on the same “wavelength” in many ways, able to communicate in some unspoken language even at times. So I just wanted to tell you, Daddy, that I love you. I know we don't say stuff like that much in our family and we don't hug much or send cards and flowers. But we still show our love in other ways that count. And I cherish your love and support every day. I'll always be your little girl.