Good Times .. Good Times

Bossman spent the morning shopping for sunglasses. I've spent the afternoon scanning photos for my LiveJournal images. Yep, it's Friday. I've been in a fantastic mood all day today. Looking forward to the trek up to see the gang and co-chill at Jen's wedding. Should be a hoot. Yep, I'm smiling. Speaking of smiles, in my pursuits of new mug shots for my live journal, I've been noticing how much I look the same in all these photos. Makes me realize how those detective artists can take a photo of me at 7 and then show what I look like today. Amazing stuff. I also look an awful lot like my brother. So much so you have to go by Mom's hair style to know which kid it is in a lot of the photos. My brother is pretty handsome (you know, for an icky sibling and all), so I'm okay with that.

I've become so much of a nerd that I check web sites to see when comic books ship. Hopefully, I won't grow the goatee and studly paunch of the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy. But the new Trans Met will be out next Wednesday. And Kevin reports that DK2 (3? 12?) will be out July 31. Finally. The editor's only comment was "good things take time." I can't wait.