DLand - Dan's Warped Fantasies

Dan says: I am about to get a fax from a ticket place in Atlanta ... will you scan it and send it to me?Genie says: ah, sure Dan says: for OUR Braves tix ... since you are too snotty to be seen with us Genie says: yep. going to Cake. Dan says: really .... Cake ... the band Genie says: yep Dan says: uhhhh .... you are a .... how do I put it .... FREAK Dan says: Satan is MY MOTOR too Genie says: HA - “some people, they call me monster. some people, they call me saint.” Dan says: some people they call you DAMN FREAK :-) Genie says: hehe - I could co-chill with the 8000 lesbian librarians at the Indigo Girls concert instead ... Genie says: not that there's anything *wrong* with that. :) Dan says: hmmm .... what a terribly warped fantasy .... 8000 lesbians ... that are all librarians .... Like 1,000,000 gallons of non-fat puke flavored ice cream Genie says: HAHAHAHA