People Watching

Wow, I just realized I forgot to eat dinner tonight. Whoops. There is nothing like talking to your friends to soothe the soul. Feeling a connection after a long talk. Went to the airport today to pick up Jeremy. He had a good time in CA, but I'll let him talk about that in his own online space. I did get my money kitty figurine as promised and a lizard on a stick. What more could a girl ask for? :)

I really love hanging out at the airport and people watching. There are so many interesting folks you see. Like a window in the fishbowl of someone else's life. People were coming and going - some happy and some sad. I guess there is a bit of voyeur in me (that's french for nosey eavesdropper).

There was a whole gaggle of elderly black women waiting for some young handsome man to come home. He walked up and it was as if he had returned from war. They all smiled and hugged him and told him how handsome he was looking. He grinned and basked in the attention. There was also a very young teenage couple who was parting ways for the summer. The boy was going on the plane and the girl was fighting back tears. Her mother took their picture before her eyes welled up too much and handed her some tissues before she left them to say their good byes. After he left to board his plane she was walking out with her mother and looked absolutely miserable - miserable like any 15 year old girl would be. Hard to explain. It was such a dynamic change from the laughter she had only five minutes previously. I smiled at her warmly and she returned a sad smile as her mother put her arm around her and they walked out.

Everyone has a story. If you listen close enough you can hear it.