Y'all versus Eh

Where's one of those cloves when you need one? Sigh. What a day. Three folks IMed me at once to tell me that Carolina beat the Maple Leafs last night and are going to the Playoffs. Yes, I know Carolina doesn't even have ice. I think my comments to Bossman were "shut up." So much to do and never enough time in the day. I was supposed to finish the billing files days ago for one site (again ... still) and re-write the code for the electronic delivery cleanup program. Those might happen tonight. Maybe. Hopefully. Probably only one of them will get done and it will probably be the one that is less important but more fun.

Genie: Fucking Ms. Fuckhead on phone now. Genie: fuck her. and her "development suggestions" Bossman: what is her problem now? Bossman: mad about the RTFM email I sent her? Genie: I hate her. Genie: hate Genie: her Genie: I can't think of someone I've talked to recently who I hate more than her. Genie: whom Genie: dammit Bossman: hehe - now she's even screwing up your grammer Genie: grammar Bossman: I know. Did that on pourpouse. Genie: bah to you. Genie: hate her.

I think I might just go buy shoes instead. Big angry shoes with spikey heels and tight thin straps.