DLand - Great ... More Moving

We're expanding the office here at work. The doctor moved out of Suite 10 next door so we're taking over that space too.We spent a good two hours today working up the new layout. My office will have its own secret entrance and become quite palacial in comparion to the tiny 11'x10' space I have now. I'll be able to play my music a lot louder without disturbing the psycho dentist in Suite 30. And our fish room will double in size (need to get a giant sting ray tank to replace the measly 110 gallon we have). The best part is the kitchen will become a “game room.” The pin ball machine is coming in here and another leather sofa probably. I think I will just get a cot and live here. Hell, with the size of my new office, I'll be able to fit a queen size bed in there with me. This will all take months probably to get ready, but it's pretty exciting. Well, if you spend as much time here as I do, it's exciting. Bossman was deathly ill this weekend. He literally coughed so much he gave himself a black eye. I asked what “the other guy” looked like, but he had no comment. Between his eye and my legs we look like we host amateur boxing matches here instead of library servers. Hell, with the size of the new office, we'll be able to do that too.