DLand - Nap = Good

Good I woke up earlier tonight from my two hour nap ready to face the world again. These past two days have really drained me physically. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the constant battle against low blood sugar in the face of manual labor. Maybe it's the fact I've seen and moved every scrap of my personal belongings at least three times. All I know is I feel approximately 8 gazillion times better now than I did at 7 this evening. Nap = good.So after the wonderful nap of goodness, I ventured back out into the world and K-Mart. Now, normally I hate this store, but I needed bread and motor oil and only had the energy for one store, so my choices were limited. I think someone out there was looking out for me. I had the most cosmically fantastic K-Mart experience. There were approximately six people in the entire store. And all six of those customers were pleasant and quiet and able to navigate aisles with a buggy of groceries. They had a cooler with ice cold Mountain Dew waiting for me by the front door (again with the low blood sugar) and pleasant tunes on the speaker system. I waited approximately 15 seconds in line to checkout and my checker girl was intelligent and nice (not bagging my bread and motor oil in the same bag was the first clue of her brightness). So K-Mart redeemed itself just a little to me today. In other news, I have this amazingly technicolor bruise sequence down my right thigh. It's really quite impressive. Gosh, Genie, how the heck did you do that? Well, my dear reader, washing machines are very very heavy. And if you and your father are trying to lift one of these washers up stairs with a dolly that doesn't have stair skids on it, this is what we in the washer moving business like to call an “Accident Waiting to Happen” or a “Fucking Fiasco.” So Daddy kind of dropped a washer on me. It was fun. Really. Sort of a warm-up for the sleeper sofas of doom. So all in all it was a pretty good day off. Not quite a vacation, but good things happened here and there.