DLand - And They Called It Puppy Love

Zee Zee is my crazy Turkish hair dresser. She's very expensive, but I get great haircuts and she calls me dahling just like Zsa Zsa Gabor. That's worth an extra 15% right there.Zee Zee: “Oh, dahling, I keep catching my comb on your ears. You have too many earrings!” Me: “No such thing, my dear Zee. No such thing.” After chillin' with Zee last night in the salon chair, I headed over to Jeremy's house to pick up Casey. Loki the punk cat was put away in the house and Casey the Wonder Mutt and I headed home to acquaint him with his new surroundings for the week. Well, while there is no love lost between Isis the beautiful black goddess cat and Loki the pain in the ass cat, Sarah and Casey were very glad to see each other. They danced around the living room and ran around the back yard and chewed on each other's ears and laughed and rolled in the grass. It was a typical reunion for two dear friends. Apparently, we are going to have to work out some visitation rights of every other weekend or something.