DLand - Jello, Cheese Steaks and Cake

Dan: “Hey Mark, should I pass the credit card number on to Genie so that she can go out and buy her birthday present from you guys? :-)”Mark the Mormon: “Sure! We have a standard package: Green jello, mint brownies, scriptures, a forever smile :):):):):):):):):):) and fertility drugs.” I love Mormons with a healthy sense of humor. My house is very cold these days. This stupid weather is part of the problem. Who said it would be like this in May? But the other problem is I don't have any heat at the house. The heat is natural gas and my mother told me last month to just wait until fall to turn it on as everything else is electric (water heater, etc.) and I shouldn't need heat until then. Never ask a woman with hot flashes for advice on whether to turn on your heat. So I've been wearing sweatshirts and socks and cuddling with the cat a lot more lately. Perry called me Sunday at 9am to ask about his computer. Can you explain networking before breakfast? I was amazed that I did as well as I did. He has officially moved in with his girlfriend. They are renting one of my parents' smaller houses down the street. We joked that with the entire clan living within 3 miles of each other, we should just build a compound. That would make my mother happy. It was also funny to have my brother introduce me to his friends as “my sister Genie” but then spend the rest of the weekend referring to me as “my sister,” as if my name had slipped off the radar. I'm not much better, though, and I have two brothers so it's even more confusing to folks who don't know who I'm talking about. And sister is a pretty prestigious title to have, so I treat it as such and not some sign of disinterest from my sibling. Jeremy leaves tomorrow for California. Thus begins my project of cleaning out the last of my crap from the house and pet sitting. A small piece of me is envious of his trip to sunny San Fran (ironic, yes), but I'm kidding myself if I thought I could take a week off of work these days to go anywhere. At best, I might manage a day in Atlantic City soon. Maybe before Matt and Erin's wedding. I was also considering a short jaunt to Philly, but don't know that cheese steaks are a suitable substitute for casinos. All this being theoretical as I don't think I'll be going anywhere exciting until after my trip to the ALA conference in June. The good news is that Cake is playing in Atlanta that same weekend and I might get to see them if I play my cards right. Rock on.