DLand - Don't Mind Me

I changed my template last night and had some technical difficulties during the whole thing. So this morning I've been blowing off work to fix my template. Must have priorities. This entry is now an attempt to fix the test template I had to make to try to get things back in order. But I don't normally post unless I have something to say.So, um. Hi. and stuff... I still have a few things to add to this groovy template, but they aren't finished yet. Like a fine wine, Diaryland features can not be rushed. Just gives you all something to look forward to. I know. I heard the rush of air as you all collectively held your breath in anticipation. Bite me. Along those lines, I'm a total idiot. I wrote this very nice email explaining my template issues to our host and then realized that Andrew had already addressed them and explained how to fix them. Sigh. At least if I'm stupid enough to send an email asking for help, I'm nice enough to send a second email explaining how much of an idiot I am and how he should just nevermind and ignore me.