DLand - What the Genie's Been Cookin'

Well, I got my paycheck, but it's not the right amount - like a good 18% less (yes, I did the math, shut up). So I ask Dan if he decided to take out a random “processing fee.” Dan was hoping I wouldn't notice. I figured it was some mandatory donation to the First Church of Dan that comes out of all employees' paychecks now. Sigh. At least it's not some subtle way of getting rid of me - paycheck by paycheck. In reality, Dan apparently paid me what I was making in June of 2001 instead of May 2002. Fascinating, really. I've come a long way, baby.Oh, and I tried to break my arm last night. Well, break is a strong term. I was hustling down the stairs to let Sarah inside and my cartoon socks - while having a wealth of cuteness - proved to lack much traction. So my feet shot out from under me about halfway down and I flew/slid down the rest of the stairs to land up against the front door. Actually, I did this great sort of “People's Elbow” wrestling move with my left arm (the one that really hurts now) as I landed. The Rock ain't got nuthin' on me. After all that, I just sat at the bottom of the stairs staring at the floor. Partially because my socks were so slippery I couldn't get up. Partially because my arm really hurt. And partially because it was 12:30 at night and I was tired and the floor seemed a lot more appealing than the idea of trying to get up. I eventually managed to do so and didn't even give myself a black eye on the doorknob. Wonders never cease. But today is a new day. Russ is driving my 18% to me today (he's coming for the Penn and Teller show) and I have my new M&M t-shirt and it's beautiful outside. My trainees yesterday were nice and smart and that was such a rare treat. And I got first class on the way home and spent my layover in the US Airways Club listening to ESPN and surfing the web. Ah, yes, the only way to travel.