DLand - No Money, No Brains, No Star Wars

You know how yesterday I said that today was pay day and Bossman and I were glad? I'm just going to quit with that whole ironic foreshadowing thing because it's getting really old. I go to check my account online to make sure that my paycheck was deposited into the right account. Well, the good news is that my paycheck didn't get deposited into Jeremy's account. The bad news is it didn't get deposited into my account either. No money anywhere. And the guy who can fix this (Dan) is on a plane somewhere. Bah and double bah.Today has just been one of those days. Funny too, because it was starting out so well. I thought I would be able to get all this stuff done and get on my plane for Syracuse right on time. I would list all the horribleness of it, but it's just not worth it. Let's just say that my multi-tasking skills have been breaking down lately. I almost forgot to pack for my trip last night. I set a soda on my trunk only to open the trunk so I could throw my swiss army knife in it. Yeah, my trunk is full of Diet Sprite now. And I tore my carry-on bag apart looking for a lighter only to find one in my purse. Did I mention that the guy in front of me at check-in was checking 12 boxes of stuff to Nigeria? Sigh. Again this is all ironic, since Gary was talking to me about how I seem to over-extend myself. Nonsense, I said (while writing notes on the back of my hand to finish before my flight leaves). He even suggested that there are some medicines that could “slow my brain down.” Woah there, buddy. Why the hell would you want to slow your brain down? Then I'd just get less stuff done! Some of my best development work comes while in the shower and I drew that little cartoon the other day while on the phone with clients. He shrugged and said it's also a sign of intelligence. I much prefer the girl genius theory to the overworked psycho theory. While walking through the parking lot leaving Gary's I saw three people huddled out front of the Cremation Services of Virginia office smoking cigarettes. Does anyone else find this just a little funny? And I'll be here in sunny (cold) New York or trapped in an airport when Star Wars comes out. Guess I won't be seeing that 'til Saturday since Friday is Penn and Teller. Just never enough hours in the day. Perhaps I will just stay under the covers on Saturday.